Gartner Market Guide for Data Preparation

Data preparation — the most time-consuming task in analytics and BI — is evolving from a self-service activity to an enterprise imperative.

Key Findings

  • The market for data preparation has now evolved from tools supporting only self-service use cases into platforms that enable data and analytics teams to build agile and searchable datasets at an enterprise scale for distributed content authors.
  • Most vendor offerings support data profiling, data exploration, transformation, modeling and curation, and metadata support. More than 80% of the vendors surveyed embed some data cataloging features and offer varying degrees of machine-learning capabilities.
  • The market is crowded with a range of choices, from stand-alone specialists to vendors that embed data preparation as a capability into analytics and BI, data science, or enterprise data integration platforms. Although accelerating the shift toward broadly deployed modern analytics and data science, these tools, if unmanaged, can introduce multiple versions of the truth.

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